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About Lynn.

About Me

I love to travel. I have been to over 140 countries. For years friends have been asking me to write a, book.

Now I can share my experiences, adventures and knowledge. I would like to inspire others to go and see some of the wonderful places I’ve seen and meet some of the incredible people i’ve met along the way.

Travel truly is good for the soul. I have also volunteered for many wild life organisations and want to share my experiences of these and inform others how to go about this.

I worked as a chambermaid in a hotel in Germany for a year. I also worked in a pottery shop in Greece, as a chalet host and ski guide in Canada and as a tour guide worldwide. I travelled to Bosnia during the war on an aid convoy organised by a group of Yorkshire miners. I had a machine gun pointed at me and inadvertently had a wee in a minefield. I met a voodoo priestess in West Africa who kissed me on the lips. I once had a crocodile wee on my leg. I look forward to more adventures and to sharing these.

Hopefully my blog will provide inspiration and ideas.

Happy travels.

Dare, dream, discover.

I am also known for my huge grin, normally with a glass or 2 of something alcoholic in my hand. Please send pictures of yourselves with your cheesiest grin holding a glass and it will go on my page #alynngrinthing. Let’s try to get them from the most unusual place possible.

I will post pictures of my travels and live updates on my Facebook page:


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