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A Taste of Puglia – Polignano a Mare

A Taste of Puglia – Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare

So I’m now in Puglia and first stop is Polignano a Mare. This makes a quieter base than Bari. Getting here is really easy. There is a train from the airport to Bari Centrale and from there it’s a half hour train journey to Polignano a Mare at a cost of €2.50.

I’m staying  just outside of town in a lovely, peaceful spot. It is near to a small beach and a 15 minute scenic coastal walk into town. En-routes are lots of hidden coves and small beaches.

Polignano a Mare

As you get closer the views of the town perched on the cliff become more dramatic.

Lynn on the coast at Polignano a Mare

The walk into the old Town is over the famous bridge with the view of the equally famous beach.

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Polignano a Mare beach

An archway marks the entrance to the Old Town.

Old Town entrance in Polignano a Mare

It is a maze of small streets, alleyways, beautiful churches and lovely shops, bars and restaurants.

street in Polignano a Mare

enjoying a large glass of wine

Lynn Grin in Polignano a Mare

Ice Cream & Wine

Of course everywhere there are shops selling the delicious Italian ice-cream. I have had one every day. The owner of the villa I’m staying in pointed out a fantastic wine shop. They make an excellent red wine in this area called Primitivo. This shop serves it straight from the barrels and a 3 litre container cost me €7.50.

Primitivo red wine - 3 litres

Of course you also have to try the pizza. In my case 4 cheese with spicy salami.

It felt like I was walking into the sunset.

looking out over the sunset

For me one of the best things about travelling is the people you meet along the way and the new friends you make. The other people from the villa are from Hong Kong. Tonight we shared food, wine, music and most of all laughter. I have also finally found a wine glass which fulfills my needs.

me and my friends from Hong Kong

So after saying a fond farewell to my Hong Kong friends, it was time for more exploring.

Lynn and a statue in Puglia, Italy

This afternoon the woman who owns the villa I’m staying in took me, her mother and her English bulldog to a small beach on the other side of town. Had my first swim in the sea. Antonella doesn’t speak English, her mother doesn’t speak English and the dog doesn’t speak English. Luckily her mother speaks some German so we we were able to have a conversation.

Lynn on the beach

This photo to me says contentment.

contentment on the beach

Where to stay

My lovely host owns Casa sei Sospiri

Dining in Polignano a Mare

A lovey day has to be rounded off with lovely food. There is a lovely restaurant 5 mins walk from where I am staying. Tonight with the full moon reflecting on the water it was beautiful. The waiter said the moon was just for me, I’m not sure I believed him.

moon over the water in puglia

I tried Orecchiette, a pasta this area is famous for, served with fresh tomato and mozzarella. Then fresh fish cooked whole and then filleted at my table.

Orecchiette served with fresh tomato and mozzarella

fresh fish cooked whole and then filleted



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