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Krak-des-Chevaliers – the Crusader castle

Krak-des-Chevaliers – the Crusader castle

Me on the walls of Krek-des-Chevaliers crusader castle

Krak-des-Chevaliers or ‘Castle of the Knights’, this is quite a castle. It is the best preserved example of a crusader castle. I live in Nottingham, home to the oldest inn in England ‘The Trip to Jerusalem’, carved into the rock at the bottom of Nottingham Castle. The Crusaders could have dropped in here for a pint before setting off on their journey.

Krek-des-Chevalier crusader castle

Me on the hill next to Krak-des-Chevaliers castle, Syria

Inside Krak-des-Chevaliers crusader castle

This is actually 2 castles, one inside the other. Built on a much smaller fortress in 1144 by the Knights of St. John, it used to house 3,000 people and 350 horses.

The inner castle of Krak-des-Chevaliers crusader castle

Inner moat at Krak-des-Chevalier crusader castle

View of the inner castle at Krak-des-Chevaliers

Krak-des-Chevaliers isis the biggest crusader castle in the middle east, it survived siege and earthquakes. It was added to by the Mamluks, Ottomans and French.

The cloister inside the castle bore an inscription carved in Latin: “Grace, wisdom and beauty you may enjoy but beware pride which alone can tarnish all the rest.”

Tunnels inside Krak-des-Chevalier crusader castle

Me at Krak-des-Chevaliers crusader castle

Beautiful arches at Krak-des-Chevaliers

It didn’t escape unscathed from the war with Isis.  You can see the bullet holes in the metal of the castle sign and the door. It was also bombed by the Syrian army.

Isis bullet holes at Krak-des-Chevaliers

We had the castle to ourselves and it was easy to imagine the moat and drawbridge, hot oil being poured down on invaders and huge rocks being thrown from catapults.

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The castle on the hill Krak-des-Chevaliers

View from the battlements of Krak-des-Chevaliers

Krak-des-Chevaliers crusader castle

A small village faces the castle and was a very welcome stop to warm up with a cup of tea and a beer with a view.

View from Krak-des-Chevaliers crusader castle

A beer with a view of Krak-des-Chevalier crusader castleTo get there it is only a 45 minute drive from Homs. Open from 8.30am to 6pm it is closed on Saturdays.


View looking to Krak-des-Chevalier crusader castle

Entrance to Krak-des-Chevaliers crusader castle

Ancient pillar inside Krak-des-Chevaliers crusader castle


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